About Us

Herman's Performance

Do you want to have fun? Welcome to our Polaris Family. Work or play, we have just the motorsport vehicle you need. Our family-owned business has been around since 1971. Customer satisfaction and quality service are our goals, to "treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.” Having been in business for 38 years has made us very knowledgeable of the products we sell and quite a few we don’t sell. We play hard and actually ride the products we sell. So who are we?

Bob and Rita Herman (the original ones) have a race history that goes as far back as the '60s. Drag racing, snowmobile racing, and Blown Hydro ski boats are what we are about – not to mention a few years of street rodding and a collection of pro-street-cruising cars. If it goes fast and makes noise, it's for us.

Rob Herman shares his family’s need for speed. Even as a kid, we couldn’t slow him down. ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, street bikes, and a supercharged Corvette are his addictions. He’s all about the performance and how to make it faster and better!